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Silver (Coho) Salmon

Slaying Silvers with EZ Limit For the fisherman looking for lots of action and a great fish for the BBQ, Silvers (Coho) are the salmon of choice! These eager biters, which return to our area in August through October, will excite you with their fast runs and wild jumps, and our light gear really lets them show their stuff! With an 8-14 pound average (and an occasional 18-20 pounder) and a more liberal limit, Silvers are the natural choice over more finicky King Salmon! Presently, EZ Limit offers three great Silver salmon trips! Kasilof River Silver salmon fishing is a mellow and quiet drift boat (non-motorized) float where our experienced guides will teach you the nuances of back-bouncing salmon. It’s a great trip: challenging enough for serious salmon purists but easy enough that even novices quickly catch on!

Slaying Silvers with EZ Limit Silver fishing on the Kenai River is done from one of our 21-foot custom Willie Boat river sleds. Whether back-bouncing salmon roe, back-trolling plugs or casting spinners, you are sure to enjoy a day pursuing these good eating and great fighting salmon! Since the boat is nearly always anchored up and the fish normally quite aggressive, this is the perfect trip for children, ladies and first-time salmon fishermen!

A fly-out day trip for Silvers is perhaps my personal favorite charter. It offers the ultimate adventure for those anglers wishing to combine a scenic float-plane flight and fantastic fishing. If you desire a more remote setting, superb scenery, and a real adventure-this is the trip for you! The fishing is easy enough here that we have guided many a small child to Silver salmon success! An added bonus is that these trips also Slaying Silvers with EZ Limit offer a great chance of seeing wild brown (grizzly) and black bears up close and personal! (Check out our Fly-out trips for incredible photos and more info).

If you are seeking a high-success rate fishery with lots of action and multiple hook-ups, come visit us for Silver salmon! Numerous destinations, changing scenery and varying methods make this the natural choice for the visitor who wants to get a real taste for all that fishing Alaska has to offer! Please contact us for info on peak run-timing and select “windows” that offer the best Silver fishing!

Slaying Silvers with EZ Limit Slaying Silvers with EZ Limit Slaying Silvers with EZ Limit

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