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Kenai River Kings - Catch & Release

Make no mistake: Kenai River Kings are very special. Big and powerful, this strain of wild Chinook are genetically unlike any other salmon.

For example, the world-famous Kenai River holds the present world-record king, a monster salmon of 97 lb. 4 oz. It has also produced eight of the ten biggest Kings ever documented on rod and reel! The Kenai River also boasts one of the highest averages of all salmon rivers and every year still produces kings in the 50-75 lb. class. Although success rates can be relatively low (1-4 Kings per boat) there simply are no better odds at a huge, fish-of-a-lifetime!

Kanai King fishing with EZ Limit There is a reason these fish are so big, and it’s a double edged sword. Yes, our habitat is superb and our oceans are rich with food, but it’s the Kenai Kings genetics and age structure that really dictate their tremendous size. Like most Chinook, the vast majority of Kenai Kings return to their natural river for their one chance to spawn after spending two, three or four years at sea. However, a very small percentage of these kings, only 1-3%, return after five years at sea. These giant 70 lb. plus beasts are the “five ocean” fish that make the Kenai River world famous.

Naturally, a salmon that large is highly sought after and a true trophy to be extremely proud of. Fishing pressure is high for the limited number of these unique fish. In recent years, demand has remained high and supply appears to be slowly declining. While there are many factors involved, one thing is clear: if sport and commercial fishermen keep harvesting them like the supply is endless, we won’t have these fantastic fish in years to come.

For this reason, EZ Limit Guide Service has opted to put conservation first and become more pro-active. While we’ve been educating clients and encouraging catch and release for trophy kings for decades, we’re now ready to take the next big step. Starting in 2013, every one of our guides and clients will voluntarily catch and release every Kenai King hooked. (The exception being the extremely rare instance where one is fatally hooked and legal to keep.)

Kenai King fishing with EZ Limit Anglers will hook, fight and land their fish like we’ve done tens of thousands of times before. Only now, our guide will net your trophy, keep it in the water, take a quick length and girth measurement (for your replica mount) and snap a few quality photographs of you and your catch at waters edge. The fish will then be released to continue its journey upriver to successfully spawn. It’s a magical feeling to not only catch such an impressive wild salmon but to have impacted a special fishery in a positive way. As an added bonus, the lucky angler will then be able to continue to fish, trying hard to land a second or third king, quite possibly bigger than the last!

Knowing that many of our guests wish to take our delicious fish home for table fare, we offer many great options for harvest; the abundant sockeye, silvers, halibut, rockfish and lingcod that call our waters home immediately come to mind. It is our opinion that Kenai Kings aren’t just another every-day “fill-your-freezer” food fish. They are just too limited and too special.

Kenai King fishing with EZ Limit Kenai River King fishing is special too. It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure. This wide but shallow river is a beautiful glacier-green, and while it can sometimes be fairly crowded during peak King season, it remains orderly and enjoyable over all. In fact, even at the busiest time of year, Kenai River King fishing still offers a pleasant experience with frequent sightings of moose, eagles and other Alaska wildlife. Our custom 21 ft. Willie Boat river sleds are powered by quiet 4-stroke outboards. They are extremely comfortable, safe, and fast, getting you quickly to the best salmon holes on the river. Our Kenai King salmon charters take place in the lower 23 miles of the river, where the salmon are in prime condition, fresh from their ocean home and full of fight. Catching and releasing one of these special fish is something you won’t soon forget.

Please communicate your needs to us at time of booking. We always consider your personal desires and will help you choose the right fishery and the best timeframe! Trophy kings or supreme table fare, EZ Limit has a fishery and a charter for you!

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Kasilof River Kings

Kasilof King fishing with EZ Limit Located just 12 miles south of Soldotna and the famous Kenai River, a Kasilof River King salmon trip is perfect for those anglers looking for an extremely peaceful King charter. A quiet drift boat (non-motorized) trip down the shallow, glacial Kasilof is perfect for both beginning salmon anglers and those seeking a more mellow experience with higher odds of success than trophy Kenai King fishing. This one-way (down stream!) float trip is extremely soothing, until your relaxed state is interrupted by a pumping rod and powerful tide - fresh King Salmon, that is!

Kasilof King fishing with EZ Limit Unlike the Kenai River, the Kasilof River is best known for its relatively high-success rate (2-10 Kings per boat) on Kings that weigh 17-25 lbs. on average. We use fairly light gear and these fish fight hard! Overall, fishing regulations are more liberal on this hatchery based river. For example, anglers are not required to quit fishing after keeping a King, a bonus for those visitors wishing to take some great-eating salmon home and spend the entire day fishing!

Kasilof King fishing with EZ Limit Let our custom-built, comfortable four-seat Willie drift boats float you to some of the most productive King salmon fishing in Alaska. Our Kasilof King charters take place in the lower six miles of the river: in other words, we fish the tides that bring chrome-bright, hard fighting Kings. This trip is the finest available, an "all-day" charter of at least 8.5 hrs. of fishing that is less rushed and more enjoyable. This “all-day” trip also means our success rate is much higher than the competitor’s half-day "hurry up" trips! All tackle and gear (light action G.Loomis rods and Shimano reels) is provided, and your catch will be photographed, filleted and bagged at the end of the day by your guide at no extra charge.

If you are looking for a relaxed charter with a high success rate on beautiful, bright Kings - this is the trip for you! Please contact us for best times during the peak of the runs, then come and experience what makes the Kasilof River one of the most popular King Salmon fisheries in Alaska!

Kasilof King fishing with EZ Limit Kasilof King fishing with EZ Limit Kasilof King fishing with EZ Limit

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