The Fish


The Salmon here in Alaska are some of the largest you’ll find in the entire world, but don’t forget there is also world-class trout and halibut fishing here as well! Depending on your wants and needs, we can create the perfect fishing package for you and your friends.

King Salmon

The world-famous Kenai River holds the present world-record for King Salmon at 97 lb. 4 oz. The Kings here are monsters and you’ll have a blast reeling one in!

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sockeye Salmon

Pound for pound, Sockeye Salmon are the hardest fighting salmon you’ll find. We call them Kenai Reds, and each year we have over a million swim through our local rivers.

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silver Salmon

Silver Salmon are biters and if you want an almost certain guarantee of reeling in a great trophy, Silvers are a great fish to go after.

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Pink Salmon

Pinks only arrive by the millions on even-numbered years in August. Expect 50+ hook-ups per day, making this the best charter for anyone wanting to raise the fun-factor!

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rainbow trout

People throw world-class around quite a bit, but when it comes to Rainbow Trout, the Kenai River produces some of the largest trout in the entire world!

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In the Cook Inlet, we have some of the best salt-water Halibut fishing you’ll find anywhere. There’s not a better eating fish or higher success rate charter available.

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ready to start your alaskan adventure?

No matter what species you choose or what time of year you plan to visit, we can put together an exciting and memorable fishing trip you’ll remember forever! The good news is no matter what you choose this year, you can always come back next year for something else!

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