Quality Equipment

At EZ Limit Guide Service, we pride ourselves in our equipment, using only the highest quality available. When you board our boats, you will be handed a G.Loomis graphite rod with a premium Shimano reel valued at $500-$700. EZ Limit spares no cost in the pursuit of your trophy fish, believing that specialized gear of this level not only performs better, it is a true joy for our guests to use.

Our riverboats are new, custom-built Willie Boats that are set-up specifically for guiding salmon anglers. They are 21 feet long and seat four guests maximum. Extreme width makes them safe, stable and comfortable, plus there is plenty of room for additional gear such as duffle bags or ice chests. In the name of safety, they have high-traction diamond plate floors and for your comfort, they have custom bucket seats with armrests. Our river “sleds” are powered by Yamaha four strokes, which are fast, quiet, smooth and smoke free!

All our boats are hand scrubbed each evening and guaranteed spotless when you step on board in the morning.

Our saltwater charters utilize specialized aluminum boats varying from 31 to 33 feet in length with huge ten foot beams. These custom built, off-shore hardtops have an enclosed cabin to get out of the wind and occasional wet weather, a small but private “head” for the gals, and room out-back to comfortably fish up to six guests from their spacious fishing deck. They have a large, under-floor fish hold to keep your catch out of the way and cool. Like our riverboats, these bigger vessels are washed every night so they will be extremely clean when you board. For performance and safety, they are powered by twin 225 HP four-stroke outboards, getting to the fishing grounds quickly and smoothly, offering less running time and more fishing time!

When considering another guide service or if price shopping, be sure to factor-in not only the quality of the gear provided, but also the age and condition of their boats and gear! I am confident that you will look long and hard before finding another outfit that provides the level of equipment that EZ Limit uses.

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No matter what species you choose or what time of year you plan to visit, we can put together an exciting and memorable fishing trip you’ll remember forever! The good news is no matter what you choose this year, you can always come back next year for something else!

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