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Fly-Out Trips

Fly-Out fishing with EZ Limit Guide Service One of the benefits of our local fisheries on the Kenai Peninsula is that they are road accessible, and thus very convenient and quite affordable. But every now and then, guests thirst for a more remote site that offers a little extra adventure! Thatís where our fly-out day trips come in! As you can imagine, having a custom floatplane and private pilot will open many doors and provide much opportunity for the adventurous visitor!

Fly-Out fishing with EZ Limit Guide Service Rest assured that EZ Limitís fly-out trips will be of the highest quality possible, with the safest veteran bush pilots and the finest floatplanes in the state! The flight alone is worth the price of admission, but when you combine spectacular scenery, awesome fishing and up-close-and-personal bear viewing opportunities, wellÖlets just say itís an experience that you will not forget!

Fly-Out fishing with EZ Limit Guide Service As I said, float planes open many doors, therefore we have a myriad of fisheries and destinations to choose from, so be sure to inquire about all the possibilities. At various times of year, different destinations and species are available; contact us and we will be happy to explain the options. We can set-up just about anything you desire, but our personal favorite (and most affordable) fly-out trips are Big River Lake and Kustatan River. These two extraordinary silver salmon fisheries generally occur from late July through late August. Come with me now as I describe these incredible experiences!

Fly-Out fishing with EZ Limit Guide Service Driving 25 minutes north to Nikiski, we take off from a small local lake aboard a chartered de Havilland Beaver, turbine Beaver, or turbine Otter on floats, depending on party number. We fly 25-35 minutes due West over Cook Inlet towards the Alaska Range. It is truly gorgeous scenery; described by some as a strange combination of vistas from Africa to Florida. With high snow-capped mountains complete with small glaciers visible in the distance and a big open marshy-flat in the foreground, it is downright breathtaking. Arriving at Big River Lake or the Kustatan River, depending on which destination you choose, we land and board a Jon boat with a Yamaha outboard.

Fly-Out fishing with EZ Limit Guide Service We run the boat for 5-10 minutes to various fishing holes that have proved successful over the years. The limit here is 3 per person, and the fishing is either very good (10-20 silvers caught daily) or great (30 plus daily!), depending on time of year and run strength. These salmon generally average 7-12 lbs, but occasionally one will be a bit bigger. They are usually very bright and full of fight-we use very light gear and the water is quite shallow, so they often go crazy when hooked. Primary methods are casting spinners and/or eggs under a float or even 'plunked' on bottom, although the occasional fly fisherman has done well here also.

Fly-Out fishing with EZ Limit Guide Service On Big River Lake, fishing is done from the 21 foot boat; the bank is steep, heavily wooded and full of bears. On the Kustatan, we use the boat solely for transportation, fishing from the bank or in the shallow, glaciated water of this small river. After we catch our limit, we head to a floating marsh island where I fillet the catch, bagging prime fillets and throwing all carcasses in the lake.

Fly-Out fishing with EZ Limit Guide Service We then take a spin to some reliable haunts to look for black bear and big brown (i.e. coastal Grizzly) bears. At BRL, I would say that our guides can locate bears about 75% of the time. The Kustatan, however, is not nearly as reliable for bear viewing. It provides great scenery and superb fishing, but if bear viewing is desired, then BRL is a better overall choice. These wild bears are fairly accustomed to seeing boaters, that is to say they allow us to get quite close to them while going about their daily routine, which consists of fishing, eating, playing and of course sleeping. It is a photographers dream! After viewing, I clean the boat, head back to our island and await pick up by our float plane for the 25-35 minute flight home. Total trip is usually 6-7 hrs, or thereabouts.

These are VERY special trips-once in a lifetime for most visitors, except for my growing list of repeat customers who simply MUST go on a fly-out day trip, or two, EVERY year!

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