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Halibut with EZ Limit's Most visitors come to the Kenai Peninsula for the world-class trout and salmon fishing that our local rivers offer, but this area also provides fantastic salt-water fishing. Many species are available but the most popular by far is the Pacific Halibut. A charter for halibut is completely different from our river trips, but in a similar fashion, it provides great adventure, superb scenery, and plenty of action! And if you want to bring fish home, this is the trip for you! Cook Inlet has such an abundance of halibut that two fish limits are the norm. Frankly put, there is not a better eating fish or higher success rate charter available.

Halibut with EZ Limit's You can fish halibut as many days as you wish, but most visitors opt to fish the salt water just once during their vacation hereÖusually thatís plenty to fill their freezer! We like to plan this charter around your other fishing trips, according to the tides. We consider your open dates, as well as our skipperís availability, but we always consult the tide book to find tides that will provide the best fishing! Just like salmon fishing, your odds go up during specific peak windows, and thatís when we want you on the water! Checking tides can make a huge difference, as does the fact that our veteran captains specialize in saltwater fishing and are on the water constantly, staying in touch with the ever-changing conditions.

Halibut with EZ Limit's Expect true big-game fishing, where your strength and stamina will be put to the test. We fish deep water and use heavy tackle, because these fish can get huge! In fact, some of our halibut actually exceed several hundred pounds, and 75 plus pound fish are fairly common. Regardless of the size, you will earn your fish, as even wrestling with an average Cook Inlet halibut (15-50 lbs.) has been known to wear out the hardiest angler. Custom built 28-31 foot aluminum boats with twin four stroke outboards, comfortable cabins and small (but private) heads provide the speed and safety to not only get you out to the big water, but to do so in comfort. Spacious back-decks serve as large fishing platforms that allow plenty of room for up to six anglers. Once the anchor is set, our knowledgeable skipper and his hustling deckhand are there to help you any way possible, ensuring a fun, successful and memorable trip!

Halibut fishing with EZ Limit Halibut fishing with EZ Limit Halibut fishing with EZ Limit

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