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Pink (Humpy) Salmon

The pink salmon has a bum rap! They are so prolific, and so eager to bite, that locals often shun them in favor of less abundant salmon that are harder to catch.

Humpy's with EZ Limit Personally, I think pink salmon are “God’s gift to the angler!” They are just plain FUN! Pinks are extremely aggressive, striking nearly any flashy lure you put in front of them! You can cast spinners, spoons or jigs, backtroll plugs, or just let a bait sit in the current if you are tired…it may take a little longer, but a pesky pink WILL find it! This makes August pink fishing the PERFECT fishery for anyone who just wants to catch lots of fish; woman, child, novice or expert…pinks are fun!

Humpy's with EZ Limit And make no mistake, these 4-10 pound fish fight very hard for their size! On the light tackle we use, they will give you a real test! The limit is liberal, and contrary to what the locals say, they are good eating IF SELECTIVELY HARVESTED! Normally we fish catch and release, letting 90% of them go, taking only the freshest and firmest pinks possible IF guests want to bring home lots of salmon. When picked thru, they make wonderful smoke salmon, complimenting your silver salmon fillets that you save for the grill!

Humpy's with EZ Limit In this area, pinks return in droves every other year (on even numbered years only, i.e. 2008, 2020, 2012, etc.) and create the wildest and craziest fishery imaginable! In the Kenai River alone, our pink run is 1.2 to 2.2 million fish! Yes, million!!

Humpy's with EZ Limit We search out back-eddies and side channels to locate giant schools that hold thousands of salmon-and cast away! During peak season, you can expect to land 75-175 fish per boat, sometimes more. Double and even triple hook-ups are common, and occasionally we even have four on at a time! It can be mayhem, and your guide will be twisting them off as fast as you can bring them to the boat. You will likely need to take a break now and then to allow your fore-arm to rest!

Now here is the best part: silver salmon return at the same time of year (August) and tend to “hold” in the same water column as pinks, so you can catch 8, 10 or 15 pinks…and then a bigger, wilder silver! Then start casting again and catch 8, 10 or 15 pinks….and another silver! Repeat! In my book, there is NOTHING MORE FUN in fishing!

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